You may refer to me as raipop or preferably just as rai. I live a simple life and I am an average person. My hobbies take a great amount of my time. I do not consider myself as an obsessed fan but I do have a great love for Pokemon. Although I like other characters and franchises nothing compares to my love towards Pokemon. I have been following the franchise since I was a 7 year old. My first experience playing a Pokemon game was with Pokemon Red and I loved watching the anime series and I still do. I used to collect some toys and other merchandise when the first ever Pokemon craze was happening. I have played at least one version of every main series of the Pokemon games, that means 7 generations and I am of course looking forward to the 8th generation. Have I mentioned I am a casual? I consider myself as a casual. I have never really tried the competitive aspect of Pokemon until very recently and I am still not very skilled. Regarding the very first merchandise I ever collected, well, it's all gone. Some of them I lost and some of them I gave away. I am experiencing a collenting revival; I started collecting some of the Pokemon TCG cards which I never did before and I am also collecting some Plushes and figures. I have to admit that my love for Pokemon died down in a period of my life when I was living as a zombie. I never stopped liking Pokemon, I was just being a weird and ever changing teenager, that's all. Now that my love for Pokemon has increased and the Alola region has captivated my heart, I am going stronger and looking forward for the Pokemon franchise to surprise me and win my heart over and over again. As a closing, I would like to say that my top favorite Pokemon are Raichu, both the good old Raichu and the pancake lover Alolan Raichu, and Popplio as well. Of course I have other favorites, why wouldn't I. These creatures are a bless and they keep bringing bliss to my life.